Discover the “First Steps Method” to set the foundation for speech.

For non-verbal children with autism there are many things that you can do to set the foundation for speech.  There are developmental stages that our kids miss that make it much more difficult.  Get the guide and get started today!


Discover the Advantages

Strategy & Planning

We Start with knowledge based on your child's current developmental assessments and use them as the foundation for strategic planning. We use a variety of developmental and social emotional assessments to give you a clear picture of where your child is and how that plays into developmental planning. 

Progress Path

We use this information along with information about your child's interests, likes and dislikes and sensory profile to make a plan that you can work confidently.  We take bigger goals such as speech and potty training and break them down into small actionable steps that you can work on with your child. #LessStressMoreProgress

Help That Understands

Progress isn't the only way we can help.  No matter how many things are planned, things sometimes go awry.  That is just part of being an autism parent.  We are here to bounce things off of when things go sideways and give some educated, experienced objective outside perspective.  When you are so close to the situation it can be hard to see clearly what may be going on.

We understand because we have been there too.  We live the autism life.

About Me

We use our experience to help you create a better life for your child

As an early childhood development and education expert with a strong background in psychological services I had expectations that once I got the diagnosis therapy and treatments would get moving and I would see progress.

 Boy, was I wrong...  First it took over 14 months to get a diagnosis with my pushing and persistence it happened that "fast".

Only to realize later that there was nothing that would help my child more than me...  Here I had time that I could have spent doing things that would benefit my child thinking the "experts" would do it.

 I was the expert needed and I can help you be that too.

Let's be honest.  It can be really tough to take your child to therapy for years and not see the progress you want, or any progress.  

When you have the information you need to take action to move your child forward it takes the stress away of wondering if you are doing the right thing.

 When you understand the causes of negative behavior and know what to do to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible you give your child and yourself and incredible gift.

The gift of peace.

The more calm and stress free you both are the easier it is for them to make progress.

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