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​Autism Advantages ~Your Developmental Partner

Why isn't progress consistent?

The differences in development in children with autism are substantial.  While most children progress in a linear manner chidren with autism defy the developmental models.  This doesn't make them any less intelligent or capable but it makes it much more difficult to know how to monitor progress and when to be concerned about what may seem like a regression when in fact it is a step forward!  Like anything in life progress is not consistent and it doesn't always show in glaring and obvious ways.  Planning, monitoring and adjusting developmental plans is key to maximizing your childs developmental potential.  Using simple clear and practical implementation of activities

The help you didn't know you needed!

We believe that each child with autism is capable of making meaningful lasting progress.  The best chance a child has is to use a multi-prong approach.  Understanding where your child is developmentally and socially, reviewing current goals for therapy whether parent led or not and integrating a overarching plan that is cohesive that you understand, you know how to implement and you can track and tell what progress your child is making.

Empower Your Child

To express themselves and empower your child to make progress. Your child thinks differently in embrace it, help them use it to their advantage.

We are dedicated to helping children make lasting progress by giving their parents the insight and tools they need to understand how to best help their child.  This is not a one size fits all program. This program can work whether or not you do outside therapy or whether you have given up on that. It can work if you are willing to work with me and throw out any preconceived ideas of what your child is capable of and any meanings or interpretations that you give to their behavior.

Build them up for success.

Discover ​the Advantages

​knowledge based on your child's developmental assessments

​Current complete developmental assessments are the base of our strategic planning.  We use a variety of developmental and social emotional assessments to give you a clear picture of where your child is and a way to make a plan that you can work toward confidently.  Taking bigger goals such as speech and potty training and breaking them down into small actionable steps that you are able to work on with your child.

​Understand how to give your child what they need

​Understanding your child's developmental assessment and social emotional level will  help you understand and give valuable input to your child's plan.  It will give you a clear picture and when completed regularly will help you to see  your childs progress over all areas over time.  Progress isn't just made in therapy.  Most progress is made by parents who are involved and knowledgeable about their child.

​Confidence in your plan

Knowing that your child has a  path to success helps to keep things moving forward even on the tough days, even when you aren't seeing big progress you are regularly able to see the small steps that are leading to the larger goals.

​​progress you can see

Let's be honest.  It can be really tough to take your child to therapy for years and not see the progress you want, or any progress.  Believe me I have been there and done that.  Seeing all of the little progressions that lead to the next step helps you to praise and encourage your child.  Sometimes the best progress is things that therapist don't see!

Main Benefits of ​Strategic Planning

​Although it may seem unimportant there are many benefits to planning

​On the surface it may seem that a child is going to make the progress that they are going to make and that is all there is to it.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A child who has the advantages of having parents who understand the causes of their actions are more likely to be empathetic and adaptive to their needs  fueling progress.


​You Have a Clear Path to Progress

​When you have the information you need to take action to move your child forward it takes the stress of wondering if you are doing the right thing.  You are and you have the data to back it up.


​Your Able to Work Within Your Child's Strengths

​Knowing where your child stands across all domains is only the beginning.  This knowledge is the base that we build on to make a plan for your child.


​Less Stress More Progress

When  you understand the causes of negative behavior and know what to do to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible you give your child an incredible gift.  The gift of peace.  The more calm and stress free they are the easier it is for them to make progress.


​A helping hand when you don't know what do do next

​No matter how many things are planned, things sometimes go awry.  That is just part of being an autism parent.  We are here to bounce things off of when things go sideways and give some outside educat4ed perspective when you are so close to the situation it can be hard to see clearly what may be going on.

 Jodi LeBlanc, MSPS 

 Developmental Specialist, Autism Strategist, Teacher, School Counselor, Author and Most Importantly...

 Autism Mom! ​


We, as parents,​

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