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Why a Therapist Can’t Fix Your Child

No matter how great the therapist is, no matter how many hours of therapy you give your child a therapist can not fix them. A good therapist may help your child make improvements. A bad therapist may make your child worse.

Do you have a specific goal for therapy? Will you know when it is achieved? What have you defined as your goals? Do you know a realistic time frame? Are you informed about the progress your child is making? Is it time to update goals for a new round of therapy? Do you know what to ask for when it is?

What is your childs developmental age and stage? How has it progressed over the last six months, year, two years or since they started therapy? I am certain you can name progression, see progression, if you couldn’t they would be seeing a new therapist right?

Is formal therapy even the right choice at this time for your child? I know it will sound shocking but sometimes a break from therapy can be just what your child needs.

Do you know how to incorporate continued therapy into your regular routines everyday? Into your play with your child? Do you know where your child ranks on a social and emotional level? How does that compare to the last six months? The last year? The last two years? Since you started therapy?

Do you see a pattern here? There is nothing to tie all of the different pieces together. You are the only person who can truly help your child. You need the information to know what to work on as part of your everyday interactions with your child. You are your child’s best therapist and that probably scares you. It doesn’t have to. I am here to help guide you down the path. Join me in our Autism Advantages Coaching Program and learn how much you can help your child!
Autism Advantages Coaching Program is a 6 week live guided coaching program with resources and individualized Q&A sessions provided in a group setting. You can ask questions without other coaching participants knowing who asked and the answers can benefit everyone.
Sometimes people don’t even know the questions they need answered until they hear someone else ask it.
If you don’t know where to start this is a great place to learn how to use your knowledge of your child to help them and learn to use their interests and talents to leverage progress. This program will teach you tools that you can continue to use with your child as they grow.
 You can sign up through the link below. Our next session starts October 29th and is the last one of the year so sign up now to reserve your spot!

Jodi LeBlanc

Hi my name is Jodi. I am the mom of 3 girls, and just like you I have a child with autism. Through all the struggles of getting a diagnosis and therapy, I learned some important things that I felt like I needed to share with you. First I realized that too much was wasted time waiting for a diagnosis, even though we were getting speech therapy. 14 months. During this time I have also learned that we as parents are the best therapist, teachers, and advocates our children can have!